1.4metre red dot matrix LED sign

This 1.4 metre long sign, suitable for indoor use can display up to 18 static characters at a time or far longer messages can be set to scroll around continuously. We supply these signs with our own cable connected laptop computer running a custom program that allows up to 40 user defined messages to be easily stored and instantly selected between with just a mouse click. The scrolling speed can be quickly altered, paused & resumed.

The really important feature of all our matrix signs is that they are guaranteed not to flicker, strobe or show other weirdness when filmed at any frame rate. This is something film makers should be very wary of when comparing with other displays as entire sections of your message could appear missing or distorted when filmed. This is a similar but worse effect to wagon wheels appearing to run backwards on film.

We have longer & shorter versions of this sign and also bright blue ones.

Prop ID: 1546