An Electronic Prop House

Electroprops incorporating Display Electronics has relocated to prop city in West London.

All of our props are in the process of being added to this new site on a daily basis so do keep checking for updates. In the meantime if you have an enquiry please call +44 020 8991 0191

The vast array of electrical and electronic props built up over 30 years by Display Electronics of Thornton Heath have now been rehoused in Perivale, West London.

Unlike more general prop houses that have a few tatty technical props scattered around warehouses bulked out with furniture etc, we are fully knowledgeable about all our props & can properly advise you in a friendly manner about what will be best or most realistic for your particular production, period etc. We won't & don't try & persuade you that something is right for you if we know it's not.

All of our stock is available for hire for film, television, commercials, theatre, stills shoots and events. If it needs to look technical then we probably have it.

The huge variety includes period, retro and modern props from the world of computing, communications, security, police, army, navy and air force, robotics, display signage, sound and recording. If it's not in stock we can endeavor to source or fabricate it for you.

Most of our items are practical including our polygraphs, ATM machine and airport baggage x ray machine.